How to Create and Send a REFERRAL

Click on the patient's profile and view "Encounters".

Either click on an existing encounter or create a new encounter.

In the encounter click on "Referrals" and then the "Add Referral" button.

Complete the Referral Form. In this example, we are referring this patient to Dr. Daniels, an ENT specialist.

Enter the provider's name and/or organization in the "Referral To" field. Example: Dr. George Daniels, MD - ENT Specialist

Free text the reason for the referral in the "Reason" field. For example: "Chronic Sinusitis, failed conservative treatment"

Choose an ICD-10 Diagnosis. If the desired ICD-10 does not show up, do a quick google search for the code and enter the code here. For example, "J32.0".

Add relative information in the comments sections. For example, add " Please contact the patient and fax the consultation report to 888-776-1880"

To send the referral and clinically relevant information, click on the "Send to Contact" arrow in the Encounters list.

From the send to contact window, select "Referrals" and choose fax or email. Enter the title, name, and fax number (if it isn't already in Contacts).

For referrals, you may want to send multiple components of the encounter such as encounter details, visit notes, diagnosis, and medical history/

Enter the title/subject. Select fax or email. Choose from existing contacts or free text a new name of the provider or organization. Enter fax or email info

If the provider information is not already listed in the contacts, you may save their contact information on the fly by checking "Save to contacts".

If sending multiple components of the encounter, consider sending in one PDF document rather than several separate documents.

To add a cover page, select "Send cover page" and enter the appropriate info in the comment section.

You may confirm that the fax was sent via the "Documents" page in the header. Click on "Sent" to see the outgoing fax log.

As a courtesy, let your patient know via the chat that you've created and sent the referral.

Once the consultation is completed and the report is sent back to us, it is attached to the referral. You may share this with the patient via the encounter.