How to use the Provider Portal (HR Partner)

Cirrus Medical Network uses the software, HR Partner, to assist with onboarding new providers and to keep track of general "back office" administrative tasks.

You should receive an email invitation from Cirrus Medical Network with instructions and links to our "back office" Provider Portal using the software HR Partner.

The invitation to the HR Partner provider portal will have a link to set a new password.

Bookmark the portal link for future reference:

Change your password.

Address the items on the left panel with notifications, such as "Checklists", and "eSignatures". Review pertinent documents in the "Library".

Under Checklists, click on "Update"

Drag, drop or upload requested files and tick the completed box. Document and pertinent URL's are denoted to the right of the item.

Some items may have an associated document to review such as the malpractice application. Click on the "Open Document" button next to the item.

Open Document example: Malpractice application. Print, fill-out, and upload the completed document to your checklist.

Some items may redirect you to a webpage. Click on the "Open Link" button.

Some documents, such as the Provider Agreement, will be sent to you for e-signature.

An email with an invitation to sign will be sent.

To complete e-Signatures, click on the "Sign" button

Complete areas highlighted yellow.

You may download the form at any time.

Edit your profile information as you please. This information is for our HR department, so keeping it up to date is important.

On occasion, we will post updates to the "News" section. Important news will be forwarded to your email as well.

All uploaded documents are visible under the "My Documents" section. We will attempt to keep track of renewable documents such as state licenses as well.

Think of the HR Partner Portal as the "back office" where onboarding, credentialing, document management, and some general HR information is stored.

Remember, all patient engagement is done at Check out the quick set-up tutorial video: