How to Edit the Problem List

To add a diagnosis to a patient's Problem List, go to the patient's profile and select "Problem List"

You may free text a diagnosis or enter the ICD-10 code. A list of active problems will be visible in the search as well.

Be sure to scroll down the list if you do not see the diagnosis at first glance.

You may add comments as desired under each diagnosis. Also, you may indicate whether or not the diagnosis is "Active" or not.

You may share, edit or delete the diagnosis. Sharing the diagnosis will notify the patient and make it visible to the patient via their encounters.

The "Problem List" shows all of the active, saved diagnoses for a patient. These may be easily pulled into an encounter note.

Also, you may add to the Problem List right from the Encounter. Search for a diagnosis by free text or ICD-10 code.

Add any relevant comments to the diagnosis and select "Add to Problem List".

In the encounter, the diagnosis is saved.

The new diagnosis now shows up in the master Problem List.