How to e-prescribe

There are two ways to eprescribe. Either from an encounter or directly from the patient's profile.

To eprescribe from an encounter either create a new encounter or choose from an existing encounter.

In the encounter, navigate to "Prescriptions" and click on the ePrescribe button.

You will be directed to Newcrop, our e-prescribing partner. Here you may compose a new prescription. Enter the desired medication and search.

Select the desired medication and strength.

Select quantity, form, route, frequency and number of refills to complete your sig. Then click "Save Rx".

Use "Additional sig" for unspecified or custom directions to appear on the rx label. Examples include medication tapers like prednisone and z-packs.

After entering and saving your prescriptions, you may review them.

Review pending prescriptions prior to transmitting. This is an optional step.

After entering and saving your prescriptions, they are ready to transmit/prescribe.

From the Transmit Rx page, be sure everything looks right and the correct pharmacy is selected.

To change pharmacies from Newcrop, click on Add/Select Pharmacy

Click on "Modify List" to add a new pharmacy.

Enter the desired pharmacy information and click on "search all pharmacies"

Simply entering the name and zip usually narrows down the pharmacy list.

Select the pharmacy and save changes or "Save/Go to Compose Rx" button.

The new pharmacy should show up on the list.

Double-check to ensure the preferred pharmacy has been selected and highlighted in green before transmitting.

After transmitting a receipt of the prescription is displayed.

To return to CirrusMED, click on the "Exit" button in the upper right-hand corner.

In the Encounter, one is able to see the prescription details.

The prescriptions are also visible under the main patient profile under "Prescription History".

To discontinue a prescription, click on ePrescribe and navigate to the patients medication list. Check the box under "D/C" for the respective medication.

To renew a prescription, select the medication, and click renew.

To edit a current prescription, first click on the Drug Name (in blue). This will move it up the page to the Edit/Compose section.

Once the drug is in the upper section, click on "EDIT".

To save a prescription to your favorites list, check the "Save Sig to Doctor's List" box.

Medications on your "Doctor's List" will show up when you compose new prescriptions with your templated sig.

All e-prescribed medications are listed in the patient's profile under "Prescription History". You may filter by all, current, canceled, and discontinued.

From the prescription history, you may view details in the encounter.

Details of prescriptions sent are visible under "Prescriptions" in an encounter.

To add or edit the patient's preferred pharmacy, navigate to their Bio and click "Edit"

Enter the pharmacy state and street address. This information will be passed to Newcrop.

The quickest way to ePrescribe is directly from the patient's profile. Click on ePrescribe button. NOTE: A new encounter will be generated when you do this.

In this example, the prescriber is taken to Newcrop and a prescription for amlodipine is composed and sent. A new encounter is created.

This encounter will state "Prescriptions from new crop" under the Reason. You may open the encounter and complete other components of the encounter as desired.

In this encounter, one can see the details under "Prescriptions". Add a diagnosis, an order, and any pertinent notes or imported chats to this encounter.