CirrusMED MRI / Imaging Request

Welcome to Cirrus Medical Network, CirrusMED for short. We are "Your doctor. Online."

Need an MRI or X-Ray? We can make it happen.

To sign up as a new patient please provide your name, date of birth and phone number.Also be sure to acknowledge our terms and conditions.

To activate your account please check your email and confirm the registration. If you do not see it within 20 minutes, check your spam folder.

Before choosing a service or plan, please complete your Bio and Medical History. This is found under your profile.

In the Bio, you will enter your address and contact information. Include your preferred pharmacy if applicable.

Fill out your Medical Profile. Click on each section and add pertinent information. Remember to SAVE each section.

Choose a doctor licensed in your State.

Now that you have completed your Bio, Medical Profile, and chosen a Doctor, please choose a service. In this case, an MRI / Diagnostic Imaging referral.

After choosing an MRI / Imaging referral, fill out the Imaging referral intake form. Be sure to let us know your desired imaging center and clinical history.

You may upload supporting documents and add comments to your request.

If you would like more than one MRI / X-Ray, please select request additional imaging request.

You may purchase up to 3 referrals, subject to additional fees. Hit "Continue" when finished.

Enter your payment information.

Acknowledge the membership agreement and complete payment. Your doctor will be notified and start processing your referral.

You and your doctor may communicate via chat or video consultation as long as your membership is active.

MRI and imaging results will be uploaded to the "Documents" section upon receipt. You may open these files in your browser or download to your device.

Thank you for using CirrusMED as your "go-to" for convenient care online! If you have more questions, email us at