How to Create and Send a Lab Order

Click on the patient's profile and view "Encounters".

Either click on an existing encounter or create a new encounter.

In the encounter click on "Labs" and then the "Add lab" button.

Either search from the dropdown list of labs, or simply FREE TEXT the desired lab. Including the CPT code is helpful but not necessary.

Search for an ICD-10 Diagnosis code to associate with the lab order. If you do not see the desired code, do a quick google search and enter the ICD-10 code.

Enter comments in the Note sections. For example, use the macro "#fax" which provides fax back instructions to the labs.

Don't forget to hit the "SAVE" button!

You may edit or delete the lab order. You may also share or unshare the lab result once it is attached to the order upon receipt.

To send the order via fax or email to an imaging facility, click on the common send button (the blue arrow) to the right of the encounter.

From the send to contact window, select "lab orders" choose fax or email. Enter in the title, name and fax number (if it isn't already in contacts).

For most labs, simply email the order to the patient. They can print it up and hand-carry it to a local lab.

To confirm that your fax was sent, go to the fax log under "Documents" in the main header and click on "Sent".

As a courtesy, let your patient know via the chat that you've created and sent the lab order.