How to Register as New Patient

Welcome to Cirrus Medical Network, or CirrusMED for short. All communication with your doctor will take place at

To sign up as a new patient, click on "I Am Patient" from the upper right-hand corner "Sign Up" link. NOTE: Use Chrome or Firefox web browsers for the best experience.

Enter your email, password, and name.

Be sure to accept the terms, privacy policy and prescription policy.

To activate your account check your email and confirm the registration. Sometimes the email lands in your spam or promotion folder.

Upon activation, you should be able to log in and complete your registration.

If you run into problems registering, try resetting your password.

Fill out the respective registration information including your current address.

When entering your preferred pharmacy, start with the street number.

You may add multiple pharmacies. This will help your doctor, should you need prescriptions.

Add allergies, medications, and medical history. Default is "no significant history" if you just hit continue. You can always edit this information later.

If you have medication allergies, enter the allergy type, name, and any comments. Click "Add".

Add current medications: name, dose and instructions.

Add pertinent medical history. You may choose "Other" and free-text if you do not see a condition listed in the drop-down.

You should see everything listed when complete.

Enter past surgical history, family history, and social history.

Fill in the pertinent surgical history. It is ok to estimate the date and/or add comments.

Add significant family history. Specify the relative and then add pertinent medical conditions in the text box.

Choose tobacco, alcohol, and drug use status.

Once registration information has been submitted, choose a doctor.

Choose by State, Specialty, Language, Membership, and/or Service. Be sure to choose a doctor licensed in your state.

In this example, Lucy is choosing an OB/GYN physician licensed in California.

Clicking on the doctor's profile will bring you to their profile. From here, you can review and purchase a membership.

Click on "Purchase". In this example, Lucy would like to sign up for a 3 Month Membership.

Enter your credit card information and acknowledge the membership agreement.

At any time you may edit your settings by clicking on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner.

You may edit your credit card info, email, and phone number here. Be sure to "verify" your phone number so that you receive notifications from your doctor.

Under Settings, you may also edit your notification preferences.

Click on "Profile" to see and edit your profile which includes your Bio and Medical History.

You may also add a profile picture.

Adding a photo will help your doctor recognize you when communicating on the platform.