How to Create and Send an Imaging Order

Click on the patient's profile and view "Encounters".

Either click on an existing encounter or create a new encounter.

Go to "Imaging Order" to create a diagnostic imaging order.

Click on "Add Imaging" and fill out the respective fields. If you do not see the desired test in the dropdown, you may free text the order.

Enter and ICD-10 diagnosis. For comments, we encourage using a macro text such as: "Cash pay. Please contact patient to schedule. Fax results to 888-776-1880."

You may edit and/or delete the order as needed.

Once results are attached to the order, you may "share" or "unshare" the report with the patient. They will receive a notification of the share.

To send the order via fax or email to an imaging facility, click on the common send button (the blue arrow) to the right of the encounter.

Select the respective encounter information that you would like to send. In this case, click on "Imaging order".

Fill in the title of the document. Choose fax or email. Enter the contact name and fax number or email.

If desired, you may also email the order to the patient by selecting email and entering their email in the "TO" field.

As a reminder, the patient's email is listed in their Bio under their main profile. Just copy and paste it into the send form.

You may save this information to "Contacts" on the fly by clicking "Save to Contacts"

If you are sending multiple components of the encounter and would like to condense everything to one document, click on "send in one document".

You may send an optional cover page by clicking on "Send cover page".

To confirm that your fax was sent, go to fax log under "Documents" in the main header and click on "Sent". Emailed orders are not visible on the website yet.

After sending the referral, it is good practice to let your patient know via the chat.